Influencer Marketing vs Facebook advertising 2019

Let’s talk about Influencer Marketing vs Facebook advertising in 2019. When you’re trying to get the word out about your brand, it’s important to know and connect with your audience. For quite a while, Facebook advertising has been the go-to for many companies looking to hyper-target their audience but this is super risky and may not even be the best choice when you could have some very engaging influencers promote you to their audiences instead.

I’m Josh Elledge and I’ve been in the media more than 2000 times. I teach business owners and executives how to grow your influence and authority so you can grow your revenue. When you subscribe to this channel, you can rest assure that my videos are going to help you connect with influencers while you build your audience and your success.

So – let’s talk about Influencer marketing vs. The Facebook

Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2018. It offers highly customizable and specific targeting. That means your potential audience is HUGE since Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform.

Additionally, Facebook offers highly specific audience targeting and analytics. But there may be a better way to reach your audience and that is Influencer Marketing. Let me explain.

Influencer marketing is not a new trend. Brands have been using industry leaders and celebrities to market their products and brands forever. You know… the “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”

Now – before I reveal the pros and cons of working with influencers in 2019 vs sending all your money to Menlo Park, I need to say this: I’m not saying you need to do one of the other. In fact, what I would urge you to do is diversify your advertising and lead generation between your own authority, content, and audience building as #1. #2 – Work with influencers and affiliates. And #3 paid ads.

Here’s how I want you to think about these three avenues for growth.

1 Growing you authority, content, and audience is like farming. It’s gonna take a while and it’s gonna take a lot of work – but when the harvest comes, you can feed a village.

2. Working with affiliates and influencers is like fishing in someone’s stocked pond. It’s not hard. You just need to make sure you know what you’re doing, you bring the right gear, and you’ll need to share half the fish with the pond owner. That’s fair.

3 Advertising is like hunting on a game reserve where you need to pay by the minute to be there regardless of whether you bag something or not. There’s a little more risk and usually, you’re only going to eat for a few days. We’ll get into all that.

So – when you subscribe to my channel, you’ll hear a lot about #1. I’m really big on growing authority. I want to help you become a leader in your field – because life is just easier as a business owner when you’re respected – and I want that for you. But for now – let’s cover influencer vs advertising because I want you to eat this month.

Here are the PROS for influencer marketing:

  1. Influencer marketing has a more authentic feel, which consumers are more likely to trust compared to ads. Don’t forget: PEOPLE TRUST PEOPLE!!! They want to do business with someone they feel they have a personal relationship with. When you’re advertising to a cold audience, it can be tough – which means you’ll likely need to…



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