Business Profile Image – 6 Tips to Grow More Influence, Authority & Revenue With a Better Picture

Business owners: Your business profile image is one of the most important first steps to online branding.

People frequently ask me where I would invest my first branding dollars and my answer is get professional headshots done.

Listen – you are being judged mercilessly – studies show that within one second people have already made up their mind about you and the rest is just looking for evidence to support their initial gut reaction. Don’t believe me? Think about how much time people consider a photo before swiping right or left.

Is this superficial? Yeah!

So let me share with you a few other facts. This isn’t just about dating apps. This is costing you sales and money and your ability to grow an audience.

As I share some pretty shocking data about your business profile image, make sure you hit subscribe right now – because guess what: There’s more coming – and if you don’t subscribe now, it could cost you lost sales, lost connections, and lost opportunities. I promise to give you powerful action items to grow your authority, influence and revenue every week – but only if you tune in.

NOW – You and I might not want to hear this – but in the book Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, the evidence is pretty darn conclusive. Attractive people, both men and women,

  • earn an average of 3 or 4% more than people with below average looks, which adds up to a significant amount of money over a lifetime.
  • Beautiful people are also hired sooner,
  • get promotions more quickly,
  • are higher-ranking in their companies
  • and get all kinds of extra benefits and perks on the job

It turns out that more attractive people often bring more money to their companies and therefore are more valuable employees. For example, a good-looking insurance salesperson will sell more insurance than one with below average looks.

A study showed that above average looking people who apply for loans are more likely to obtain loans and to pay lower interest rates than below-average looking borrowers. This occurs despite the fact that the two groups of borrowers don’t differ in their demographic characteristics or credit history.

This isn’t always the case. You’re not at all doomed if you’re goofy looking like me.

I have some great news for you.

First off, You are likely way more attractive than you think you are. It’s true. We’re always our own worst critic. We see our everyday looks – when our hair is frizzy we’ve got bags under our eyes, too much weight, wrinkles, double chin, unattractive hairline – whatever. You see and care about the stuff that really isn’t as important to other people.

Also – what exactly constitutes beauty? Personality and energy (the non-physical stuff) tends to be way more important than your complexion or your teeth – whatever your insecurity revolves around. A great personality can generally overcome all that stuff. Think of someone you know who just has a really magnetic personality. It’s fun to be around them.

Seriously – are you really attracted to someone who’s shallow and mean. Of course not. Go watch the movie Shallow Hal for a refresher – plus you’ll get to see Tony Robbins’ movie debut.

So – let’s talk about all that beautiful energy stuff that you carry. If you’re a loving person, if you’re a giving person, if you’re a thoughtful person you are beautiful and people pick up on this. I pick up on this. I know you do too.

So here’s the issue – getting back to profile image being judged in one second thing.

Your business profile image IS NOT YOU. It’s a reflection of you – and often times a VERY distorted reflection of you. SO it’s not fair that we get judged – but we do.

Getting together in person is ALWAYS going to be more impactful. In fact, A Harvard Business review study showed that an in-person sales meeting was 34 times more likely to get a positive response than a written email. People get to…



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