90-Day Total Authority Makeover: How to Become an Influencer

90-Day Total Authority Makeover – offer good until Feb 20, 2019

Improve your leads, closing rate, revenue, and audience size

Limited time: $6200+ in business support and services, including lifetime access to our vibrant online community & coaching.

Fix your online presence and gain greater influence and authority for more respect, sales, and connections.

$6200 VALUE + Bonuses


Get started today for $499 – normally $800/mo.

What You Get:

15-minute coaching kick-off call with our team
We’d love to learn more about what you do and offer some immediate action items to boost your visibility and authority for greater profits. We will also personally guide you through your 90-day membership to make sure you get 100% of the value you invested in. $100 value

Professionally Edited Press kit
A well-created and updated press kit will show that you are someone that is sought after by the media and will help you be treated like an authority in your space. We will work with you to create something magnificent that will showcase your subject matter expertise and help you get far more media. All you need to do is take what we prepare and give it to your web developer for your website. A press kit is mandatory if you want more media attention! $1200 value

LinkedIn Authority Makeover
You are regularly being vetted on LinkedIn by potential customers, influencers, investors, and partners. We’ll make sure they love what they see so they’ll engage with you. We’ll conduct a thorough review of your LinkedIn and render a full step-by-step report (via an easy-to-read google doc), complete with recommendations of the changes you should make. The review will include personalized suggestions as well as best practices so your profile performs well and helps you connect with influencers, journalists, clients, and possibly even new partners. Our objective is to make you look like the thought leader you are! $400 value

Website & Sales Funnel Review
You are being judged by the appearance and effectiveness of your website every time someone views it. We can offer a full review of your website – which focuses on indicators of authority and suggestions for conversion optimization. This comes complete with suggested improvements to increase and prolong engagement with your entire website, not just the front page. Bonus: Josh Elledge himself will offer ideas on how to better optimize your sales funnel to generate more sales and revenue. $600 value

Personalized Twitter evaluation and improvement recommendations
Media and potential clients/customers use social media proofs when deciding if they want to work with you. You are being judged by the appearance and effectiveness of your Twitter content. We can offer a full review of your Twitter – including your content, frequency of content and more – to help you improve your authority and increase your engagement. $200 value

Twitter coaching session to increase your followers and engagement
Receive personalized coaching on how to increase your followers and engagement. This is a 30-min session with one of our experts. You’ll learn the processes and professional recommendations for how to increase your followers and engagement. $200 value

Coaching: Get more positive reviews of your service/product
Everyone reads online reviews before buying and engaging these days. What are people saying about you? We’ll research this and advise you on how to get more positive reviews or how to handle negative reviews. We’ll also suggest how/where you can get more positive reviews for your business. $200 value

Total media domination video course
Josh Elledge has been in the media over 2000 times and will reveal exactly what to do and say to become a king or queen of all media. As you regularly score media placements, you can become a household name and your audience will love you and want to do business with…



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