The Best way to Detoxify and Declutter – The Healthy Mindset

Detoxifying your body with antioxidants from vegetables, berries, and ionized water is just the beginning. People who detoxify also declutter and build better releationships in their lives. It’s a health mindset. Learn more at

Water for Life USA is the exclusive US distributor for EOS Water Ionizers. We have been distributing water ionizers for ten years and have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are one of the old. This means you get the absolute best plates in the world when you order from us!est water ionizer disnufacturer in Korea. EOS has an exclusive partnership with the Heesung metal company in Japtributors in the US and have an exclusive relationship with EOS Hi-Tech, the best water ionizer maan, who specialize in making platinum-titanium plates and are highest rated in the world

We pride ourselves in not just selling high quality water systems at an honest price, but also educating people about the benefits of preventative health care and the importance of a balanced diet. If more Americans were educated about preventative health care, we could save ourselves a lot of the suffering that we endure as we get older. We are based out of Boyds, Maryland.

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Address :Dr.Tigard, Oregon USA
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